Most travelers head to Paphos during the summer months to take advantage of the nice weather and golden beaches. August is the hottest month in the area and even then, temperatures rarely climb over ninety degrees. Rain during the summer months is almost non-existent, making humidity very low in the area and the summer weather comfortable. The water stays relatively warm and can be enjoyed throughout the summer months.

Winter in Paphos is not especially cold. It stays between fifty degrees and sixty degrees all throughout the day during most of the winter. However, the winter months are the rainy months in Paphos. December and January each see about ten inches of rain. Many travelers avoid the area during this time.

Because summer is the time to go, this is also the busiest tourist season. Visitors wishing to avoid the crowds while still taking advantage of the excellent beach weather should visit during the late spring and early fall, just before or after the major influx of tourists.

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Cyprus has a superb Mediterranean climate with 340 sunny days a year. You can get a good ten-day weather forecast at UkWeather.

You can look at the weather in the weeks you are visiting in previous years at, and then scroll down to History & Almanac and select the dates.

From month to month you can expect:

January/February The true winter months with night time temperatures down to 7 degrees C. Day temperatures can be anything from 5 dergees to 20 degrees C; several rainy days and often quite windy. Sea a bit cold for swimming.
March A bit like the UK spring/summer. It can be warm and sunny, but also cold and rainy. Sea is “bracing”, but OK for those used to swimming in the UK . You need a jumper/coat in the evening.
April Like an English summer. When it is sunny it can get very hot, but there will also be some rainy days. In early April the sea is just about OK; by the end of the month it is fine. Evenings can be cool.
May/June Hot and Sunny, with very little chance of any prolonged rain. The sea and swimming pool are very warm by the end of June.
July/August Very hot and sunny, often 30C+ and no rain (apart from the possibility of a short thunderstorm). In Nicosia it can reach the mid-40's
September/October Like May/June
November/December Like an English summer. When it is sunny it can get very hot, but there will also be some rainy days; less chance of fine weather in late November and through December. Sea warm enough for swimming until mid December.